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The truth and nothing but
Although I believe you are a good Manager I also think that Gruene HD could desperately use some upgrades! One of the biggest impacts I think could be made by creating a larger more inticing Customer Lounge. A lounge is usually one of the places I look to go when riding, as a staging point to meet other riders, a resting place after long hot or cold rides, and a waiting area while having work done on my bike. I know this is probably not in your power to get this done due to perceived cost, however I think that you have some opportunities to make that happen, with thoughtful and inovative rearranging and staging your cost could be kept to a minimum and your traffic has a chance to improve. I do believe that you have it in your power to consider and make some changes. I am a person that belives if you see a problem you bring it up, but you also have some ideas for solution to the problem. I do have some ideas and would gladly share them with you if you are interested! (Employee: John Valdez)
Robert Lacey